Handy Tips


Below you'll find information on the care and maintenance of your products.
How much weight can my hooks hold?
  • 15 lbs if mounted into drywall
  • 35 lbs if mounted directly into the stud
How much weight can my toilet paper and paper towel holders carry?
  • Paper Towel: 15 - 20 lbs if mounted into drywall
  • Toilet Paper: 10 - 15 lbs if mounted into drywall
What size pot fits in my planter?
  • Square, Triangle, Circle Wall Planter - 4" pot
  • UFO Planter - 4" pot
  • Wall Sheet Planter - 4" pot
  • 10" Circle Hanging - 4" pot
  • 18" Circle Hanging - 6" pot
  • Tear Drop Planter - 6" pot
  • Standing Geo - 7" pot
  • XL Circle Wall Planter - 10" pot
When I'm installing my switch plate, how do I protect the colored screws?
  • Place a small fiber cloth or t shirt over the screws when screwing them into the wall to protect the paint.
My bathroom has tile, how do I install my toilet paper holder?
    • Double stick tape does the trick!



      1. Before polishing, wash brass with warm water & mild dish soap to clear off any dust or dirt.
      2. Apply polish such as Brasso with a clean soft cloth & buff into the surface of the brass. Once your whole piece is covered, use a new clean cloth to remove the remaining cleaner & buff to a shine.
      3. To keep your brass looking shiny & clean, avoid exposing the piece to water and oils (US exposure, moisture and the oils on your skin can accelerate tarnishing.)
      4. If properly cared for, your brass piece will maintain its brilliance and age in a unique way.



      Conditioning your leather can improve the look and durability of your leather items. It restores the leather with natural oils making it look smooth, hydrated, and flexible. Leather conditioner also adds a protection layer against stains or water.

      1. Before conditioning, remove anything from the Towel Ring— towel, nails, etc
      2. Use a damp cloth (microfiber is suggested) and wipe down the surface of the leather to remove any dirt or dust.
      3. Let the leather dry overnight to ensure it is clean and dry.
      4. Apply a dime-sized amount of leather conditioner to cloth and evenly apply to the leather in a circular motion to allow the leather to absorb it. Avoid using olive oil or coconut oil, which can potentially harm your item. Apply evenly to entire surface.
      5. Let the leather dry overnight.
      6. Use a clean cloth to wipe off any conditioner residue. Your leather should be looking refreshed and hydrated!  




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